November, 2014

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The Emergence of Ella

Ravana Ella

Ella, once a simple hamlet in the hills and intertwined with legend has emerged as one of the most popular destinations in Sri Lanka for adventurous tourists....
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Mage Kirilli: Faith, Love and Country

Anura Senanayake, Senior DIG of Police at the concert that introduced his CD, Mage Kirilli

The synchrony of violins, rhythmic drum beats, emotive lyrics and the deep timbre of vocals bring to life Mage Kirilli. A 16-track CD of songs by Anura Senanayake Senior DIG of Police, lays bare the myriad shades and poignant sentiments...
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A Mountain Locked Terrain: Mandaram Nuwara

The endemic Sri Lanka Yellow-fronted Barbet

Perhaps the ideal location to experience the tranquillity of nature to the fullest is to be found in the exquisite topographical formations, much of the year...
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Discover Currying Fruity Flavours

Preparing a pineapple for curry… choose a fruit that is ripe but not soft and too juicy

Three exotic tropical fruit dishes from Sri Lanka to delight the curry gourmand in you....
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An offering to the gods

A pooja watti with cut fruits and a gedi pooja watti

Dusk began to fall spreading its grasp far and wide. One by one street lamps flickered on illuminating the crowd that thronged towards the Kataragama Devalaya....
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History laden suburb still keeps step with time: Cosmopolitan Kotahena

Devotee worshipping at one of the temple’s shrines

Take a walk down Kotahena’s bustling streets and you will discover the many mile posts of history that mark its passage of time. Cramped into an area less than...
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Ceylon tea Moments

Cosy and inviting interior of Ceylon Tea Moments  with golden tea leaves hanging from the ceiling

Deeply rooted in Sri Lankan culture, the act of drinking tea has become a part of its history and tea has been the country’s most famous export since the 1880s. Words Celine Hirdaramani  Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe The Sri Lanka Tea...
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Bethany101 An oasis of nostalgia

The pool that glistens in the sunlight

An ancestral home conscientiously restored to a dapper state, charm and authenticity unfold at every turn. Within its walls modern day indulgences come wrapped in colonial nostalgia of over 100 years past....
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Gal Oya Lodge: One with nature

The restaurant at Gal Oya Lodge

Silence coloured by the call of birds was our companion as we walked along the narrow pathway lined with greenery. By and by, blending seamlessly to the surrounding wilderness, a facade brilliant in its allure yet appealing in its simplicity...
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Sparkles of Colour

Aloe Antique necklaces and earrings

It is a paradise of jewellery that all women are fond of, with colourful hues and arty designs, and flowers embedded in little glittery pendants. Be it beads, pearls or gemstones set into unique designs, at Stone ‘N’ String, each...
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