June, 2015

The Calling of Kumana


A visit to the East is not complete without a trip to Kumana. Enter the solitude of the wilderness where the untamed reign, remember that you are only a guest on a brief visit…...
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In the Spirit of Sharing


The savan, a large communal platter of delicious biryani, is rich with spiritual and social significance....
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Get Smashed At Paper Moon Kudils

Located on the beautiful sunny beaches of Whisky Point, Urani close to Arugam Bay, Paper Moon Kudils opens its doors to reveal the simplistic comfort of traditional......
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Malwana Fort: Back To Life

New constructions built on top of the old fortifications

A narrow path, lined on one side with a small stream and the other with overgrown weeds, led us to an area shrouded with tall trees, in the midst of which we glimpsed a house. The bark of a dog...
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Matale Aluhunu

A well-mined limestone quarry is yet to see the end of the day

Busy factories with burning kilns and operational limestone quarries are a common spectacle in Matale; a name synonymous for decades with the famous ‘Matale Aluhunu’....
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Road Trip

Mullaitivu is less than an hour away from Trincomalee. Take the route via Kokkilai along the Tennamavaradi road and experience the beauty of village life......
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Say what?

Cruising through the somewhat unfamiliar terrain of Ratnapura and its outskirts, village names strange to our ears and unheard of before piqued our curiosity. Here are just a few stories that we discovered as to how these names came about......
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Taste bud tantalising Chinese cuisine

The warm hues of the main restaurant

Flower Drum is a well-known Sri Lankan chain that serves up delicious Chinese cuisine. And the Battaramulla branch is no exception as they also whip up exquisitely flavoured food to tantalise the palate of food lovers. ...
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The Boy Who Speaks in Numbers

Mike Masilamani

As Sri Lanka forges ahead with renewed hope after decades of war, Mike Masilamani takes a moment to look back at those dark days through the eyes of a little boy in ‘The Boy Who Speaks in Numbers’....
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