October, 2015

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It’s Ambarella Time


Looks can fool. So don’t sidestep the humble ambarella, which will surprise you with its culinary versatality, nourish and even heal...
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Untamed Udawalawe


Udawalawe takes you through a journey of anticipation and excitement where you become an inevitable participant of the...
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The Roaming Pottery Sellers


During church feasts pottery sellers travel from one place to another at times for as long as a month where they become part of the...
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Curious Siyambalanduwa


It is the broad Siamese twin faces of Debidigala rock that commands your attention as you near the arid zone of Siyambalanduwa located in the Moneragala District, 290 km southeast of...
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Sambodhi Chaitya: Reaching The Spiritual Sky


Of all the sacred architecture in Colombo - Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Christian - the oldest, though brimming with tradition, cannot compare with the modern boldness of the skyward design of the stupa of the Sambodhi Chaitya....
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“Bothal Paththara, Bothal Paththara”

Rathnasami is busy extracting copper coils

Our lazy Sunday afternoons were pleasantly disturbed by an echoing cry of a man; “bothal paththara, bothal paththara”. He was one of the most anticipated visitors of many households. ...
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P.S.T.: A Little Piece Of Italy In Sri Lanka

The charming  facade of P.S.T.

Along the cobblestoned path of Park Street is the glass fronted Italian restaurant and café...
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Anouki: Chic And Stylish

Sleek and smart, Anouki is the place  for fashionistas

Located at a quiet spot down Rosmead Place, Anouki, Colombo’s favourite boutique is the one stop fashion outlet that has won the hearts of fashionistas....
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Making It Big With A Difference

Wicker furniture, cushions and  cushion covers made of Sunbrella  fabric and of course the exclusive range of drift-wood lampshades

A business that carries the classic story of starting small, yet, with big ideas. Discovery International is towering in its chosen field, the simple business mantra being uncompromising commitment to...
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At The Pottery Shop

Souvenirs deck the shelves

Like the melodious strains flowing from a holy place, the tinkling of bells serenades the visitor into a sense of piety and quiet wonderment. The sight guides the soul into a feeling of harmony with nature....
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