March, 2017

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Flowers of Avurudu

Poinciana flowers have an orchid like appearance

The red and yellow hues of the flowers of Avurudu hailing in the season brings about great joy as they herald its goodness. One can see the beautiful blooms of Ehela, Mai and Erabadu as well as their uniqueness in...
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In Celebration of the New Harvest: Aluth Sahal Mangallaya

President Maithripala Sirisena, Atamasthanadhipathi Ven Pallegama Sirinivasa Nayaka Thero and Minister Duminda Dissanayake overflow the pathraya with rice. P Harrison, Minister of Rural Economic Affairs is also in the picture.

The new crop of the season is celebrated in all its traditional glory amidst the blessings from guardian deities with offerings of the first harvest to the Buddha. ...
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Wanderers that Fascinate

The snake charmer’s flute is made of Thiththa Labu

The journey of the ‘Snake Fascinators’ and the ways of their lives can be seen by looking at a small part of their daily routine. The diversity of Sri Lanka at its best, the gypsies who wander from village to...
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Beat the Heat

The range of melons

The balmy weather and the sun will get you down come this month. Keep yourself hydrated, with these cooling foods that are absolutely Sri Lankan! These fruits and vegetables will help you beat the heat....
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Beddagana: The Wild Heart of the Capital

A platform jutting out to the lake offers a soft, mellow sunrise.

Right in the heart of the busy concrete jungle that is the City of Colombo, we walk into the serene wet and wild marshes of the Beddagana park. ...
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Loolecondera: The Beginning of an Illustrious Brew

The Loolecondera Tea Factory built in the 1920s

The beginning of the long winded journey of Ceylon Tea, an icon unto itself even today, the Loolecondera estate was the first tea estate of Sri Lanka and home to the Father of Ceylon Tea. ...
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MoMo: “Eat, Drink, Tell All”

Momo Wattala, a new foodie hotspot

MoMo restaurant, Wattala is highly conscience of providing healthy food and attempts to minimise on the carbon footprint. Whipping up dishes of quality, the diners are left sated and with the feeling that they get value for their money. ...
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Mandarina Colombo: The Perfect Location

‘On the Eleventh’ restaurant as seean at dusk

Experience modern luxury at Mandarina Colombo. Mandarina offers many facilities including a café, an all day dining restaurant with an infinity pool and rooms with state-of-the-art facilities....
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Curry Leaf: The Sri Lankan Restaurant at the Hilton Colombo

Curry Leaf, a truly Sri Lankan experience in the heart of Colombo

Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at its apex can be found at Curry Leaf. The warm and cosy restaurant with its homely atmosphere has a menu that boasts proudly of the mouth-watering Sri Lankan dishes that whets your appetite. ...
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A Cozy Corner for Homely Comforts

Decorative display of cushion covers

Looking for a complete solution for all your linen needs within your home? Cozy Linen is the ideal solution for your bedding, soft furnishing and even your curtain fabric needs. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics of the highest...
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