June, 2010

A little well of delight

Slicing open a King Coconut

There is a popular riddle that anyone schooled in this tropical island would have encountered. “Punchi lindey wathura rasai” – a little well filled with sweet tasting water....
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In the realm of Sri Lanka’s Mythical Creatures


Ancient cultures around the globe are rich in curious tales about the wisdom, the wit and the power of fascinating half- humans and beautiful yet intriguing creatures. ...
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An arty treat

For the lover of art, the many galleries in Colombo house stunning collections of art. These paintings, sculptures and creations of both the masters of art and emerging artists, not only showcase their skills, but also present to the discerning...
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To your Destination Pronto!

Cruising ahead with a Navy personnel at the bow

Small blue boats complete with shades bob gently on the canal waters. As the evening encroaches upon the day, the crowd gathered at the jetty gradually thin as they climb aboard assisted by the smartly clad navy ...
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From the secluded Wilderness

An elephant enjoying a mid-day meal

Block II of Yala National Park was recently opened to the public. Stretching from Kumana southward it is strewn with ideal habitats for wild water buffaloes and elephants....
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A Sweet Experience

A sweet spread

Traditionally, sweets would follow an event that may take too long a time to wait around for, which is why in Sri Lanka certain sweets are an everyday delectable that people enjoy all year round. By Sonali Kadurugamuwa | Photography...
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Arugambay Surf Resort: Feel The Nature

As we step into this beachside guesthouse, we are greeted by a friendly “hello”. Cabanas, complete with thatched roofs, stand on one side, while we are led into an open restaurant overlooking the Eastern coast...
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Something for Everyone:a walk down Gandhara Street

Ad ornamental mask

Gandhara Street on Stratford Avenue is a lifestyle concept, fashioned to appeal to the most discerning of shopper. It is the kind of place that is meant for indulgent and languorous browsing through its winding stores...
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Canonball run at Galle Face Hotel

  The canonball run 2010 was held at the Galle Face Hotel. Ali Hussein Didi, High Commissioner of the Maldives claimed the trophy. A host of invitees including Vladamir Mikhaelove, Ambassador of Russia, Sanjeev Gardiner, Chairman of Galle Face Hotel...
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ODEL opens new store in Maharagama

ODEL opened their latest branch in Maharagama. The new store comprises of a four-storey building accommodating the ladies’ section on the ground and first floors, a gents’ section on the second floor, and a children’s section on the third floor, complete...
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