October, 2010

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Madhu: Where Prayers Are Answered


Leaving our slippers outside, we stepped into the sacred Madhu Shrine. There is a sense of serenity here. At the centre, devotees kneeled in prayer were quietly making their way towards the altar, across the length of the Church to...
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Cheers to Little England

Nuwara Eliya

For the most part Nuwara Eliya’s climate is definitely one to indulge in, however, there is something else besides the cool refreshing atmosphere, and that is the volume of appeal experienced as clean white mists from the heavens rouse luxuriant...
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Dawn To Dusk: Travel Along The Wilpattu- Mannar Road


Words Udeshi Amarasinghe  Photographs Menaka Aravinda | Mahesh Bandara Would you like to visit Madhu Church or Thirukethees-waram Kovil in Mannar in a day? I asked my friends as a challenge. Yes, was their answer though they were a bit...
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Cinnamon that named an island


A few centuries ago, one of the closely guarded secrets of the spice traders who engaged in trade between the East and the West was the source of a certain spice that was worth more than gold. When the Portuguese...
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Unravelling Speed and Skill

Cane Dancers

Words Madhushala Senaratne Photographs Mahesh Prasantha For the spectator, watching from afar, it is all a blur. The dancers move in quick, well-synchronised rhythm, untangling the knots of the canes to form a beautifully arched flower. It’s an artistic and...
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Southward Bound

South Story

Arriving at the Hambantota town, it struck home exactly why “Hamban”, a variety of sailing craft and “tota” that translates to port would have been instinctively united to christen this district lying at the southeast coast....
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An Ode to The Last Kingdom

Artist Wasantha

At a glance one’s eyes are deceived. With the intensity of detail the mind registers but a photograph. If one truth prevails it is that they are indeed frozen frames, but they have been brought to life not by any...
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The rare sights of a Sri Lankan Kitchen


Kurahan gala, pittu bambuwa, koraha... when was the last time you saw them being used in an urban Sri Lankan kitchen? Or better yet, even hear of them? Traditional Sri Lankan cooking utensils remain in memory alone for us townsfolk....
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Feathered Paradise


In the North-West of the Island approximately 100km from Colombo are regions home to little known havens for birds. One such area is Anawilundawa sanctuary. Declared a RAMSAR site, the second of three in the Island, the sanctuary encompasses a...
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Sounds Like Kottu


We judge food in terms of taste, texture, aroma and appearance. Sound is the one sense that always seems disconnected from what we eat, though perhaps a case could be made for the sizzle of onions going into hot oil,the...
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