November, 2013

British Royal Encounters with Sri Lanka

The Governor introducing Sinhalese chiefs to the Prince of Wales, 1876 (Illustrated London News)

The 23rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) takes place in Colombo between 10 and 17 November. Charles, Prince of Wales, will represent Queen Elizabeth II now that he shares her royal duties. ...
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TINTAGEL: Fit for A King

Upon entering the premises this boutique hotel instantly commands an aura of prestige and privacy. Within its tastefully furnished setting, guests can avail of a chic character that pervades down to the finest...
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On The Yal Devi To Kilinochchi

It was 10.33am to be precise, with the tooting of the horn the train jerked and pulled out of the Anuradhapura station, gradually gathering momentum. I could not believe I was on the Yal Devi, heading towards Kilinochchi......
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The Island Elixir

Orange Pekoe Tea

A good strong cuppa is a must for many Sri Lankans to get through the day. Tea is part and parcel of island life, and the trademark beverage ‘Ceylon Tea’ is sought by connoisseurs across the oceans....
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A Taste of Home Away from Home at Curry Leaf

The Kapirinya band plays by the walkway at Curry Leaf

A restaurant renowned for serving up traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, the Curry Leaf boasts a wide array of seafood amongst other local favourites. If you’re thinking of hitting the Colombo town for a truly home grown feast...
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Recollection of a foregone era

Sri Lanka is enriched with a history and culture of more than 2,500 years, where great kings and colonials alike have ruled the Island. Chronicles of these times could be envisaged through the edifices built during that time and which...
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Tales Of A City

If cities were people, Kandy would be the grand dame of Sri Lanka: gracious, stately and still very beautiful. Sheltered in a natural fortress of thick tropical forest, unruly rivers and steep mountains, Sri Lanka’s hill capital commands a position...
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Feast by the Lagoon

View of the Lagoon, brightly lit interior

Lagoon… upon hearing the very word, countless minds would, without a doubt, start shifting through the numerous mouthwatering cuisine that could be prepared using crabs, lobsters, fish and much more. ...
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Marvels Of An Era… Still Withstand

Rolling green hills stretched far into the horizon... blue skies speckled with white clouds glided overhead at times basking the area in sunlight... Amidst this splendid setting, rose the Victoria Dam, tall and resilient...
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Heritance Kandalama: Best of Both Worlds

Heritance Kandalama at dusk

Draped in greenery, Heritance Kandalama ‘hides out’ in the rocky mountainside of Dambulla as it sits in the form of the outspread wings of a bird. Since 1994, the hotel has sustained its presence as a symbol of architecture and...
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