November, 2015

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Kirthi the Fashion Guru


Designs that last a lifetime – it’s an accomplishment that many designers aspire to. But only a handful cross the threshold into timelessness. Kirthi Sri Karunaratne, legendary in the Sri Lankan fashion industry, is among that select few. As the...
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The Man with the Magic Potions


At 6:30 on a weekend morning, the road is quiet, unsullied by the sounds and smells of the usual workday traffic. Morning walkers pass by at a leisurely pace. ...
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The Ruby Statue of the Vitarka Buddha


Something stirred in the soul of a Hong Kong art and gem collector when he saw an elderly woman clasp her hands in worship before the statue of the seated Buddha......
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Word Cargo from the Far Country


Sailor Robert Knox’s captivity in the Kandyan Kingdom for two decades in the mid 17th century resulted in a fashionable travel account that ‘loaned’ to the English language......
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Horowpathana: The Legendary City of the Seven Sluices


Little remains of the ancient city of Horowpathana, deep in the heart of Anuradhapura district, but if the ruins of the Kiralagala archaeological site and the Madagama Kanda Temple......
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Mystery of the Pulligoda Painting: The Fresco That Time Forgot


Less than five kilometres away from Dimbulagala lies another ancient rose of artistic genius – but one born to blush unseen. Adorning a rocky wall in a shallow cave in the midst......
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Cheers to Homemade Wine!

Christmas in Sri Lanka is never complete without a glass of homemade wine. Family recipes and loving attention give these concoctions a buzz that branded wine can never match

This Christmas forget the wine stores, the magic is in the home cellar. ...
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Affordable Fine Dining

Exquisite presentation

I knew I was going to like Grande Gourmet at Nirj’s when, after I’d made my reservation, someone took the trouble to phone to tell me that the restaurant had no liquor licence. I was welcome to bring my own...
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A Crazy World of Food and Fantasy


Fantastical in concept, décor and food, Flamingo House is a new restaurant bringing a whole load of fun to Horton Place. ...
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Casa Colombo Collecion Mirissa


A holiday haven tucked away amongst the beaches of Mirissa ...
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