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Discover Devundara

The Dondra Head Lighthouse

At the southernmost tip of the Island lies Devundara, a town small in size but not in stature, where the guardian deities of the land invoke their blessings to protect the island nation......
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Night Out on the Street!

The evening ambience at Lords

Lewis Place is known to be the ‘happening’ street in Negombo and with the tourist season in full swing the little ‘home-style’ restaurants as well as the more established were alive with chatter and laughter....
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Flip Flopping To The Future

A pair of Gandys Flip Flops: Orphans for Orphans

Gandy’s Flip Flops is an unusual brand name resulting from an English catchphrase that Rob, one of the two English brothers who founded the company producing them, used one......
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Decorating Spaces With Passion

He was born in Cesena, a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. He is an Interior Designer by profession. His designs promise a lifestyle unrivalled in sophistication....
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The Unsung Hero

Assortment of kottamba fruits. The long spindle-shaped kernel is delicious and can be eaten raw and cooked

To know a tree, all you have to do is learn how to look at it, a poet once said. There is much to see in a kottamba tree, a species often overlooked, even taken for granted, in Sri Lanka,...
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Thrice Blessed Puttalam

The new skyline: the windmills of energy

Puttalam does not exist in history’s rock and lime stones; it does not live in the past. Puttalam lives and breathes in the present, vibrant in the invigorating ozone air that breezes relentlessly from its long Indian Ocean coastline....
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Traces of a hidden Kingdom

The Kotte Musuem is a house that once belonged to E W Perera

In Kotte, buried beneath the deceptive activity of that town’s city life is a quiet history that dates back to the 15th Century. A modest tribute to this rich past can easily go unnoticed....
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Maha Divul Wewa: Unto Its Own

Calm waters of Maha Divulwewa - a mirror of natural beauty

The Wanni jungles, spanning across the vast Northern-Eastern plains across Sri Lanka is known for many things. Left alone for a good portion of its recent past, the forest plains hold many treasures waiting to be discovered, explored and experienced....
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Colombo’s first dedicated Interior Design Exhibition


The first ever exhibition dedicated to Interior Design in Sri Lanka will be held this December. Organised by the Sri Lanka Design Festival (SLDF), the exhibition aims to highlight Sri Lankan interior design along with new innovations and technology from...
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Mage Kirilli: Faith, Love and Country

Anura Senanayake, Senior DIG of Police at the concert that introduced his CD, Mage Kirilli

The synchrony of violins, rhythmic drum beats, emotive lyrics and the deep timbre of vocals bring to life Mage Kirilli. A 16-track CD of songs by Anura Senanayake Senior DIG of Police, lays bare the myriad shades and poignant sentiments...
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