November, 2011

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Kebiliththa: Divine Belief

Panduru tied on the Thrishulaya (Trident)

We clasped our hands together in reverence deep in religious fervor... the whole jungle was quiet as if waiting...
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A Nation’s Prestige

The Preamble to the Constitution, exquisitely carved on the Silver Door, the entrance to the main Chamber

Rising up from the waters of the Diyawanna Oya is the striking edifice of the Parliament of Sri Lanka...
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An Offering With A Difference

Many priests having received alms bowls and 
donations await the proceedings of the ceremony

In the early hours of the morning, the Ruwanweliseya in Anuradhapura is a sea of fluttering saffron yellow robes. Monks from over 1,000 temples in the country are gathered together for a special ceremony...
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Boatful of Negombo

Like sardines – trawlers stationed along the lagoon waters

After a rough day, casting nets and sailing in the vast seas, what do the fishermen of Negombo do? They sleep... heavily. And while they catch their zzzs, the coastline and lagoon inlets become a display or parking spot of...
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Toddy Life

Wooden barrels used for the collection of toddy can be seen by the roadside

He places his foot on the rope, it sags under his weight but holds; the knot is strong. His bare feet inch their way forward, his hands reach up and hold onto the rope above...
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BLUDGE All The Way

The t-shirts come in five trippy designs: Lost, Traveller, Drops and Lanterns

And this duo, Sala and, well, ‘Bludgy’ as she is fondly called, are gradually moulding it into a lifestyle brand....
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The Taste Is In The Mix

Brinjal Sambol

Good news for vegetarians, Koluu focuses on two dishes that make innovative use of vegetables; Brinjal (Aubergine) Sambol and Okra Salad. ...
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Selyn Handlooms: Sustaining Communities Through An Ancient Art

A vibrant handloom saree with accessories to match

Deep in the heart of the North Western province, in the humble village of Wanduragala, Kurunegala, an ancient tradition bursts into life. ...
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True ‘Flavors’ Of India At Galadari

The entrance to the Flavors restaurant at the Galadari

Stepping into the newly opened restaurant ‘Flavors’ – is much like setting foot on a microcosm of India itself....
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Mandara Rosen: At The Foot Of The Sacred Mountain

The entrance to Mandara Rosen

The noonday sun beat relentlessly down on the Sacred City of Kataragama. A short distance away however, Mandara Rosen serves as an oasis of comfort ...
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